Wedding Bliss in Newfoundland

September 21, 2015

It was quite the series of events trying to get to and from St. Johns Newfoundland. However despite all the fuss it was so great to check that off the bucket list! There is so much amazing history and architecture that surrounds St. Johns. We explored, ate amazing food, saw puffins and whales and stayed in the cutest bed and breakfast. The wedding day itself had its own obstacles as well but I’m super happy everyone stuck with plan A and held the wedding outside in the rain. The colours were gorgeous and so was the bride! The Doctors House was such a beautiful location for pictures. Congrats and thank you again Casey and Jamie <3

Location: The Doctors House Inn & Spa
Bouquet:Clarke Floral Design

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Beautiful east coast wedding! I especially loved the shot of the boy “digging for gold”! lol Looks like it was a great time!