Elopement in Jasper

January 4, 2017

The last wedding of the season was perfect! It was the most relaxed wedding and we got to discover so many places since the only pictures we had to worry about was the couple themselves. Did you know that with all our shooting in Jasper, this is the first wedding that didn’t get pictures done at Pyramid Lake? Don’t get me wrong. It is a gorgeous spot but it’s often windy and it doesn’t provide anything different than the previous time before. We were so excited to explore new places and to see all the amazing wildlife! We saw bears (yes more than one). Moose, elk and baby elk. Coyotes. and mountain sheep. The wildlife were everywhere! It was my first close encounter with a moose. For those that read the story he snuck up behind me and was a mere few feet away. He moved quickly and oh so quietly. By the time I snapped the picture he was much further away but I was busy trying to catch my breath from the surprise  to snap it sooner.  For years I have been wanting to shoot at the shallow spot in the end shots and I was over the moon that Mike and Lindy agreed to go for the final shots. It was the perfect end to hectic year. The drive home was nothing short of adventure as well with thick pea soup fog for 2.5 hours straight into sleet and slippery roads. This year has given me so many experiences and memories that I hope to never forget. Congrats again to Mike and Lindy! Thank you for all the love and appreciation you have shown as well <3

doc_4900 untitled-1 doc_4847 jbl_5426 jbl_5512 doc_4902 doc_4903 jbl_5507 untitled-22 jbl_5576 jbl_5578 doc_4889

It was while shooting those rings you see there above that this guy decided to wonder in right behind me. When I turned around to look up he was down those steps more 0_0

jbl_5486 jbl_5527 jbl_5587 jbl_5589 jbl_5603 jbl_5644 doc_5061 doc_5040 jbl_5637 jbl_5666 jbl_5662 doc_5088

I like to think of this gal as being the girlfriend to Mr. Moose. She wasn’t much further away 🙂 And what a great couple to ride with. They would always slow down and let me get wild life shots!



jbl_5685 doc_5145 doc_5172 doc_5198 untitled-4 jbl_5732 untitled-33 untitled-7 doc_5215 doc_5227 doc_5188 doc_5319 jbl_5881

I love the sheep far off into the background but I love even more the heart in the tree

jbl_6032 doc_5450 untitled-20 untitled-6 jbl_5949 doc_5441 doc_5435 untitled-34 doc_5418 doc_5404 jbl_6000 jbl_6007 doc_5402 doc_5413 jbl_6018doc_5380 jbl_6022

Here is a couple shots from some behind the scenes thanks to my husband and second shooter to The Tiny Wedding Co. Picked a good day to wear my Hunters. Also as you can tell that posing to catch the shot sometimes require some interesting stances.

jbl_6029 doc_5087