We Have Arrived in Edinburgh

August 16, 2017

We have arrived in Edinburgh! And it’s freaking magical!

This was our first UK destination wedding and we are sold. I belong there. It’s my weather. I love the people, the style, the vibe and did I mention the WEATHER. Be still my dreary heart lol. I know that sounds dark but I sure love a good crisp rainy day. The temps, the reasons to stay inside. The lush greens it brings out brings a calming over me. We love it so much that we are going to be doing our best to start spending serious time there in the coming years! Enough blabbering about that and let’s show off all of what Edinburgh has to offer! The architecture is insane! I just looked around soaking it all in while trying to imagine all the stories this land can tell and it can tell a lot.

The View From Our Window

Our first wedding anniversary we were in Newfoundland. Our second one we were at our favourite spots in Vancouver. For our third we are in Scotland and it’s been the best one yet!!!

We went to the COOLEST pub off the ally called Dirty Dicks. It was filled with so many vintage treasures, candle light and amazing food. I even tried haggis! Thankfully it was seasoned really well.
I really wanted to explore the old cemetery but it was raining and midnight, so we went anyway!!! Soaked my toes and read tombstones by the light of our phones.
Just perfect.

Free Time

During free time we shopped at some amazing shops and explored. I also  went to high tea with the ladies from the wedding and then shopped some more. Did LOADS of walking.
Down the Royal Mile we listened to some amazing live music and found some gorgeous sites. Learning about history, especially from such an old country is extremely fascinating to me. We went to Greyfriars and explored the graveyard where J.K Rowling was inspired. I tried to make the ghost walk but it was sold out,  so sad. Instead we explored some more, walked our legs sore and went to the first graveyard at twilight again.
Edinburgh is INCREDIBLE. Its story is just as fascinating as all the imagery and beauty the city and countryside hold.

Exploring the Wedding Venue

The day before we went to Dalhousie Castle to scope out the venue. Let me tell you… I was in HEAVEN.  I loved the quiet of the country side, the lush greens and the gorgeous castle! There is no elevator in this castle. It was no joke climbing those staircases to the bridal suite. We almost died on the stairs (only a little dramatic) but it was oh so worth it! There’s a falconry on site and I’m just always in awe when there’s animals. I loved how “old” the castle felt. The smells, the old books and tapestries….you could just imagine who lived here what life was like.

After exploring the castle grounds we took some pre-wedding photos with the sights below. It may have been overcast and drizzling our whole trip but who cares! It’s Scotland! <3

The wedding was the most magical wedding I have ever witnessed but you’ll have to check out it’s own blog for it’s pictures and the pre-wedding photos.
During dances we noticed the amazing fog outside so I escaped for photos with the Nic(h)oles (Bride and MOH) and my husband.

In Conclusion

The UK is so much more advanced than us. Machines to check you into hotels so …wait for it… they can just use the credit card on file instead of making you find one to use or spend millions with a cash deposit. Machines to check you into your flight. I never had to worry about how heavy my bag was yet. Non filtered TV is so much more entertaining oh my gosh.
In Scotland health care and prescriptions are all free and covered under their care. Dental is astronomically low. The homeless are taken care of and new mothers are taken care of. It’s SO DIVERSE! So much culture and style. Did I mention how amazing the shopping is? I”m aware every country has it’s problems but let me revel in the perks that mean a lot to me.

I’m so super sad to leave as I’m just not ready. We are so excited for our Scotland/Ireland vow renewal 2019!!