This wedding was nothing short of amazing! It was boho bliss on this day filled with style and emotion and one of the most beautiful Maid of Honour speeches I have ever heard <3

Let’s hear from the bride…

“You are my greatest adventure, and my home all at once…”

This is a phrase that truly speaks to who Tucker and I are and what we are for each other. We have danced under full moons, swam in seas and flown across some crazy countries but the best part is always after the long journey, coming home and having a witness to remember the stories with and dream up the next. We met at a hockey tournament in my small town and the place we currently call home so it seemed fitting that we start this chapter of our lives exactly where we started rather than in some exotic or glamorous location. This magical meadow along the Little Smokey River has a very special history with my family and we were so grateful that when we asked, my aunt and uncle opened it up to us for our wedding. #stuck2018 officially had a location!

Tucker and I met in the fall of 2013 and though we had always casually brought up getting married one day and it was normal to talk about our lives together in the future a girl always wonders when will it happen? Well, it happened! December 9th, 2017. After the wedding shows and just before Christmas and us going away in January to Colombia. As a hair stylist I’ve had the honour of being a part of many brides big days and with that I had a dream list of vendors in my back pocket just waiting for our day. Needless to say I knew we were on a tight timeline so I emailed Oak + Pearl the very next day! In the couple weeks following I contacted the rest of my top picks and every single one of them by some fate had our date still available in their 2018 calendar. For any bride planning a 9 month wedding you know that’s very seldom the case.

In the weeks and months following and after email conversations and Pinterest boards we met with our vendors in person. Tucker and I both wanted our day to be two things. 1- Fun NOT stressful! And 2- We wanted it to feel like us. We knew getting to know our vendors and them getting to vibe with us would help bring everyone onto the same page, the vision cohesive and the flow of the day smooth. And 100% the day went without a hitch. We also had fun and tackled quite a few of the big wedding projects ourselves. For me it was incredibly special to spend the hours doing the carpentry on our arbor, benches and bar with my dad. It gave us a lot of time to reflect and talk life as I knew this day was going to be a monumental one for him also. As for the day of details Tucker and I tried to pick one thing a week to tackle and decide on. We started off with invites, then one weekend we decided to pick our music and spent a Sunday morning listening through our playlists, another we’d flip through Instagram and Pinterest picking out flowers- it made the wedding planning a lot of fun setting aside a little time together every week that was for planning rather than trying to do it all at once or exhausting ourselves with non stop wedding chatter. We wanted to make sure we enjoyed being engaged and not to feel like we rushed through this part of our story.

Here we are now, August 25th has come and gone but we still talk about it every day. It was simply the best. We’ve loved reliving things with the sneak peaks Oak + Pearl and our Videographer B. Maine Videography have shared. Tucker said it best when he said he wishes we could just bottle up all of the emotion from that day to enjoy it forever. Everything from the ceremony where our lips trembled trying to speak and not crack, the speeches from our nearest and dearest to the dance floor that went until 6 am. It filled our hearts with love, our eyes with tears of joy and laughter and our memories with stories that will last a lifetime. Let the adventure continue.

Tucker + Stephanie Baldry

Bouquets- Florals Designed by Nikki pepper with Ruby’s fresh florals
Dress and head piece- Novell Bridal Boutique
Suits- Moore’s
Ring- Janina’s Jewellers
Makeup- Taylor Wolfe artistry
Rentals – Farm House Vintage Rentals, Barnwood rustic rentals and
River city events

It was clear on this day that Stephanie is VERY loved and has some incredible friendships. Her Maid of Honour Janis gave one of the best speeches to the bride that I have ever heard.

“I must say, standing here right now, in this moment, the gravity of today weighs heavily on me.  It is a humbling moment when you realize that you are only one of many that shares a special and unique connection with your very best friend and I feel a special privilege to be able to honour Steph in this moment.

Steph – you truly are your own kind of woman.  You are woman who has epitomized resilience, tenacity and strength.  You are a woman who can command a room without saying a word.   You are an entrepreneur; a woman who has tirelessly worked to build a business from the ground up, without losing sight of family, community and generosity towards others.  You are creative and insightful.  Only a visionary woman like you could have created all the beauty and romance that is around us today.  You have built your own world and selflessly sheltered those around you in it.  You are a woman who shows kindness and loves beyond faults.  You are the first to remind us that sometimes a silent hug is all you need to recharge the soul.  You live life with a purpose and passion that is inspiring and powerful and present in all of your moments.        

When I think about our moments, there are so many to relish in memory, but it is the quiet moments that I remember the most.  Those times we spent with popcorn, licorice, and a Netflix movie; camped out on your bed like a couple of 16 year olds talking about life, love, and family; failures and insecurities; hopes and dreams.

It is here where I first began to understand the depth of love you had for the man now sitting beside you.  You spoke of him with an excitement and passion and the butterflies that we all know to well.   I knew from the beginning that this man, this love, was different.  This love was something raw and real.  There was a truth here.  A profound and natural feeling that seemed to hang on every word as you recounted your moments together.  I wish I could explain that look in your eyes.  It was a look of happiness, of hope, of peace.  In that moment I saw your truth, and I knew your life would be changed forever by this man.    

Friendship is a beautiful thing.  It is not planned or expected; it comes without fear or judgment, and it experiences almost every kind of emotion.  Our friendship has been just that.  We have laughed together, cried together, experienced new moments together; all with a deep love and respect for each other.  But, although I stand here by your side today, I have not been alone in the journey that is your life.  You have surrounded yourself with so many strong women in friendship, and I ask that they now stand and join me for this toast.

Steph, these are the women that are the story of your friendships.  Through every moment, through the highs and the lows, we have charged forward together.  We have lived our stories with you, shared our deepest fears, and laughed our most infectious laughs with you by our side.   

Tucker, today we leave with you a piece of our heart and we can only ask that you give to Steph as she has given us.

Laugh with her, as she has Laughed with in all of our silly moments.    

Fight for her, as she has fought for us with a fierce strength and unwavering courage that could conquer any battle.

Be her champion.  Lift her up, as she has lifted us to be our best selves in every moment.

Cry with her, in moments of sadness and joy as she has shared in so many of our tears.

Celebrate all of her special days, big or small, as she has made us feel special in even the most simplest occasions.

Love her with every breath.  Write your best stories with her, as she has shaped our stories in remarkable and profound ways.

Steph, Life has a way of guiding us exactly where we are supposed to be and today, and as your friends we know, our place is here, with you and Tucker, sharing in this story, of your very best day.

To Steph. “