S’More Lovin’

November 4, 2014

Casey and Jamie have been with us since the birth announcement of their daughter Charleigh.  When it became time to tie the knot they asked if we would go with them to Newfoundland to photograph it. Of course we were very excited with that offer and said yes! Casey is one of the sweetest, kindest most down to earth clients I have ever met. They are both so easy to work with and I love their love of themes.  As we discussed ideas and things for the engagement shoot Casey mentioned that they were going to make smores around the fire as they love camping and campfires. Just that tiny bit of info sent my mind into more ideas to add. “How about the theme, S’more Lovin’!” She loved it and I loved it! We added sparkles for the final touch to the details and Jamie constructed a teepee tent to add as well. Even though the weather was chilly and the light left us quickly it was a great session and a super fun outcome. We can’t wait for next July! Congrats!




You have outgrown little ‘ol Grande Prairie; your talent is far, far reaching 🙂 Beautiful work in all areas!