Scotland Wedding in Dalhousie Castle

September 8, 2017


I Love You From Here To Edinburgh

Scotland is the perfect place for a Scotland wedding! It’s funny how every experience and choice you make lead you to where you are now. I always think of the butterfly effect and how something as simple as meeting someone and gracing them with your camera can lead to something big in the future. I met Nicole by teaming up with a fashion designer and photographing her runway one year. From then on I have photographed Nicole throughout the years. Usually including her beloved dogs but they just couldn’t make it this time 😉 When she asked me if I wanted to be their wedding photographer in Scotland I replied with a resounding, YES OF COURSE!

Why Scotland you may ask? Nicole went to live there for a couple of years and met Kelvin at the hotel they were working at. The Premier Inn to be exact. On Princess Street. F.Y.I we stayed there in the quaint cute room overlooking Edinburgh castle and it was just the perfect location!

Are you an adventurer over sunning on the beach for a week? Do you love history and lush green rolling hills and crisp weather? We do. Scotland is the most magical place I have ever been. I was awestruck the second that cab left the airport to take us to our hotel.


Hair: Vanity Thrills Hair & Makeup​

Makeup: Eve Learmonth Make-up Artist​

Location: Dalhousie Castle & Aqueous Spa​

Florals: Rose & Ammi Flowers​

Tartans: Slaters

Ring: Eternity Fine Jewellery and Heirlooms (Grande Prairie, Canada)

Cake: Too Good Too Eat (Dalkeith)


The wedding traditions in Scotland were just a dream! There was a bag piper playing the music the wedding party walked down the isle to and he was just the cutest old man. The guys were in kilts and the girls in elegant timeless emerald green dresses.  My favourite part may have been the incorporation of the owl swooping in with the rings. Bob the owl was just the cutest but a little stubborn as he was new to it all.


When it came time for reception or as they call it, “Breakfast” (first meal together is breakfast).  The wedding couple stood at the doors and the guests hugged them and congratulated them on the way in. I just loved that!!! It was straight to the blessing of the cake by the bag piper and his special dagger before food and speeches.

Everyone from the area kept apologizing to us about the rain but Ryan and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the weather we had while we were there. We will remember this experience forever and I’m so grateful we got to have this adventure and beautiful wedding for the books.