Reflecting on 2017

January 5, 2018

December 31/2017

As I sit here reflecting on 2017 and preparing my reviews in life and photography I find myself getting a little emotional. Time goes so fast that I forget how full a year is and how full mine was. I have accomplished so much this year and grown more mature in my future plans and with how I run my business.

It started with me realizing how lost I was with who I am and what I am. I needed to re-brand my business. It took years to find my style and how to bring “me” to my work but I was finally figuring it out. I spent days and used many pages of notes to find my name, build a logo and then start the journey into new work. I left a page of almost 10,000 fans to start all over.  Reaching the right people to market to and get away from being known around was what I needed to figure out  more.  Finally, I was  SO HAPPY with my business and so excited to work again. The year was  SPECTACULAR with  photos and clients. I’m the luckiest girl!!

Reflecting on 2017

I started the year off slow after taking a very long break from the previous busy season.  Then I hit the ground running when I was ready. I was busier than ever! And even though I took MONTHS off of being busy I managed to squeeze in 300+ shoots and 12 weddings.
This was the year for us to finally become beach home owners but that fell through. Even though my heart still aches its just not in the plan for us, not this time. I have grown a new appreciation for my home town and have fully accepted and love being an Alberta girl.

Reflecting on 2017

Now the new goal is to get our poop in a group to become home owners in the next couple-ish years.
Once again we got to explore new places. This year took us to Scotland. I never DREAMED I would fall madly in love with a place as much as I fell in love with Scotland. One day we will be back for our own vow renewal.

Reflecting on 2017

Life Review

We were able to finally go on not one family vacation but TWO family vacations this year.  This was was our first family vacations ever! We went with my parents and the boys to Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast and was  finally able to show them where we love to be. The boys fell in love with the place too.
We were also able to photograph weddings TWICE in Jasper this year for creating some of our most spectacular pieces yet. AND because winter was late, we were able to take the boys on a family vacation to Jasper and go exploring. I will treasure that forever.

Reflecting on 2017
It was also a very trying year on my heart. I have some clients who have gone through hell and back. They have no idea how much I think of them 
My mom also kicked cancers butt and I was able to have a photoshoot with her to commemorate and am so grateful for the trip to Gibsons with her.

Reflecting on 2017
This year I let my o2 business slide as I grew my photography business to new heights.
I was also able t to finally meet face to face with two ladies from back in the day, like ten years ago from a mommy forum on Nexopia (I met Ryan from that site too) Linda drove up all the way from the Island and we had the BEST WEEK EVER!!! Everyone she meets likes her instantly. She’s bubbly, she’s an amazing friend and one of my best. I can’t believe we had never met until then. It was like we were hanging out all the time. An instant connection. It was even better when we got to meet up again in Arizona for the Origami Owl convention.

It was a full and incredible year. Did I mention I got to take my picture with a unicorn? And I made pirogies for the first time ever!? AND take pics while two young bears played all around us? I’m sure I left something out. If you read all this you. are. awesome.

Reflecting on 2017

So long 2017. It was a full year and I’m excited for the new adventures and fresh start with 2018 all while trying to be my best self.