Boho Woodland Wedding and In Home Reception




I am constantly blown away by how talented Janell is. I remember following her work, thinking her pictures are head and shoulders above anything else I have ever seen. To add to her talent, she is so sweet and makes you feel so comfortable during a shoot. I recommend her to everyone I know and I feel very lucky to have so many beautiful pictures done by her. 5 stars is an understatement…

I followed Janell and Ryan for SUCH a long time before I was ever able to make the investment in their incredible photography. I always said if I ever got married though, that I absolutely HAD to have them! Their attention for detail, the love they pour into every image, and their styles in editing have always been so superior in my opinion!! In a collage of multiple artists’ photos, the ones by Oak + Pearl Photo are always my favourite images. Well, I am finally getting married, and met Janel and Ryan and they are just as wonderful in person as behind the screen! I am just as excited to have them ACTUALLY shoot my wedding as I was dreaming about it some 5+ years ago! You guys are amazing!!

We just got married last weekend and we were blessed by the wedding gods to book Janell and Ryan last minute. Obviously we haven’t even seen our pictures or wedding clip yet but I can’t thank them enough for how great they were all day. We heard so much from our friends and family how comfortable they made them feel. Our bridal party was able to joke around, laugh, and be themselves. Nothing ever felt awkward and they were so patient with our newbie model skills. They are the kind of photographers who are a breath of fresh air and just kinda “get you” and your vision. If you are hoping to be married or engaged within the next couple years, pull a Monica from friends and just book them even if you aren’t engaged. Otherwise you will likely miss out. Thanks guys!

- Jennifer Ann Roberts

- Dora Clarke

- Kayla Schacher