Moody Portraits in Whytecliff Park | Vancouver

April 1, 2018

Whytecliff Park

When I was introduced to  Whytecliff which is this little piece of heaven, I fell in love instantly. It was such a cozy little inlet. Boats sailed across the setting sky and seals playfully popped up to say hello. I just stood there at the waters edge. Just enough to wet my toes and closed my eyes.  I have been around the world and have had a lot of experiences for being such a introvert riddled with anxiety. Being in Vancouver was the only time I was ever completely at peace, full of comfort and instantly “medicated”. I definitely feel at home there and can’t wait to reside there in the future.

We decided last minute that we were going to have a photoshoot on a different night before heading back to the coast to continue our regular visit. However, on this night, we arrived quite late. We missed sunset and just had the twilight hours to work with. With three of these taking pictures we had to use our time very wisely. Even though this was from around 2014, it is only recently I discovered the look I wanted for them!

This girl is Miss Chelsea Rea. She is pretty rad and works at Mintage. That’s where the dress is from and yes, that is her real hair 😉