As always I’ll share details from our travels. Lots of details.

This is Long Beach in Tofino. This image can not do justice to how grand and amazing it is to be here. Everyone needs to stand in this spot and take in this beach, especially at sunset, at least once in their lives.
As Linda said, “my serenity cup is full”.

Water was out and I ran and ran and ran toward it. Vast wide open sand and nothing but baby blue waves in front of me. Lil tropical jellies that were swept in were found all around to play with. It was so glorious. It was the best therapy I have ever experienced. Tears flowed down my cheeks. This beach, that moment, quite literally took my breath away.

I can’t wait to come back for our photo retreat!

Lets start with some of my documentation

Now Ryan’s!
A snap from Linda of me behind the scenes during a test model shoot for the retreat!
And this panorama is by Ryan! This is the most beautiful and peaceful place I have ever been and I have been to quite a few places around the world <3