I've been dreaming of doing this session for so long but there was so many factors that had to line up! Thankfully this couple answered my model call because they knocked it out of the park! Probably because it wasn't too crazy of an idea for them. They are pretty in love and pre
Right as the cold snap was setting in and the snowfall warning had started I headed out to do something fun with my adorable friends! -26 windchill and just in time as the days to follow were in the -40s and -50s!    
I knew I wanted to get some new scenery in and it just HAD to be the ice castle. So, Konshak Images and I headed to Edmonton in a blizzard to meet up with the team that I set up for the shoot. It was a -29 windchill but after driving 5 hours and having paid for our time slot ther
2018 was a huge year for growth for me. We decided to keep our travel dates within BC and AB since our 2019 is so full! We had our Sand + Soul photo retreat on Vancouver Island, had some amazing styled shoots and even more amazing weddings.  One of my goals was to get published i
The fog rolled in thick and fast and we didn't even plan for it but when I saw it I was instantly excited about our shoot we were on the way to. When we arrived and witnessed all the trees in the fog I was certain this session would be magical. I was not wrong. - Janell Photo