This engagement session was so much fun and it was happening come rain, wind or shine. I work best when it's crunch time. That's usually when ideas come to me. By the time we all decided we wanted to go the route of the boat for engagements, we didn't have too many options.  I di
When I was introduced to this little piece of heaven I fell in love instantly. It was such a cozy little inlet. Boats sailed across the setting sky and seals playfully popped up to say hello. I just stood there at the waters edge. Just enough to wet my toes and closed my eyes.  I
It's funny how every experience an choice you make lead you to where you are now. I always think of the butterfly effect and how something as simple as meeting someone and gracing them with your camera can lead to something big in the future. I met Nicole by teaming up with a fas
Rebecca was our huge package winner and this was our first session from it. Before they showed up I said to myself... "I would love to take portraits of a couple who shows how in love they are"... and low and behold, I pick up the camera and these two did their thing! I'm not sur