Gifting to your bridal party can be a fun way to say thank you for being a part of such a big day! Our vow renewal was a small gathering in the Scotland highlands so I packaged my bridal gifts in a way that was related to going on an adventure. Inside were things like, their gown
It was an enchanted winter New Years Eve wedding to end off our wedding season. It may have started with a -20 windchill but everyone wanted snowy trees for that magical winter look and with living in a place with such long and cold winters, it was an easy decision! The colours,
I was inspired by this location and knew I needed to use it before it transforms and is filled with all those lovely spring bugs lol In under 40 minutes we managed quite an amazing variety of images for this gorgeous golden evening. It was a brilliant dance of everything falling
My favourite season is fall. My favourite temperature is crisp and my favourite kind of day is a dreary one. But give me a good sunset and I'll love that sun alllll night.  #oakandpearlweddings2019
We didn't think there was going to be any sun but it peaked through right in time with this glorious deep orange sunset. So excited for these two to be part of our 2019 line up! Speaking of weddings, we are about to book our 5th wedding for 2020 just to give an idea to those w
We are going on a summer adventure for their wedding so we had a bit of a winter adventure for their engagements. It was such a great evening for them! Warm weather. Sunset peaking and.... a 1 minute snow storm in the middle of it all. It was insane! #oakandpearlweddings2019
These two managed to sneak in their e-session on a day with decent temps! There's been so much re-scheduling lately with all these extreme cold warnings that it was almost surprising this happened but it was a great day and we are SO EXCITED for their wedding day  #oakandp