Banff Royal Wedding

February 15, 2016

We are so beyond grateful we were able to be a part of this gorgeous wedding filled with such amazing people! This was the furthest I have ever travelled behind the wheel and with anxiety like mine that’s a feat!! However, there was nothing keeping us from being able to escape to the rockies in a castle no less and photograph the most elegant wedding we have ever photographed.
Kendall and kristofer are such kind and beautiful people and so are the people they surround themselves with.  From the castle walls to Pnina gown there wasn’t a detail missed that wasn’t absolutely breathtaking. I’m going to share their love story in the words of Kendall…

“He was a country boy, she was a city girl. Both grew up in Grande Prairie, all though they knew of one another, they were never close. She was intimated by his boyish attitude and kept her distance. After high school she went away to college. Late one evening while out on the town she bumped into a familiar face. The handsome young man seemed so different. He asked her to dinner and she obliged. He was respectable, kind, a military man. She was instantly captivated by his charm. They became inseparable and quickly fell in love. They were constantly challenged and their relationship grew into an unbreakable bond. Together they moved back to their hometown and worked hard to conquer their dreams. Kendall & Kristofer went threw a lot together. They took on the world and quickly learned that the best moments in life were spent together. It was December 23rd 2013, three years they had been together when Kristofer Cameron got down on one knee, the room was dim lit by candles and it illuminated a room full of roses. She sad YES! She could hardly wait to spend her entire life with her Prince Charming! It took them two years to plan their royal wedding in Banff as they were set on being married in the castle in the Rockies. Kendall’s father sent her and her mom to New York City to find her dream dress. The planning was fun, there was so much effort and attention put into every aspect of the wedding as all the details were so precise. But with the help of the Royal Maiden Taylor Lynn things quickly fell into place. And when the day arrived, it was a beautiful winter setting In the enchanting castle, the sun shinning threw the crisp clouds into the windows. It was an elaborate, romantic fairy tale. There they Stood at the alter hand in hand their hearts filled with love and emotion. Surrounded by their loved ones, Kris & Kendall committed their futures to each other. They sealed their love with an everlasting promise and that day was the mark of the very beginning. They have a long and beautiful life ahead of them and they look forward to living every moment together as husband and wife!”

And the credits go to:

Invitations: “Desine” By Lisa Elford
Wedding Planner: Stephanie With “Lynn Fletcher Weddings”
Location: The Banff Springs Hotel (Mount Stephan Hall & Cascade Ballroom)
Photographer: The Tiny Wedding Co.
Dress: Pnina Tornai
Groom Tux: Sam Abouhassan
Videographer: Parfait Productions
DJ: Pez Productions
Bridesmaid Glam Squad: The Pretty Haus
Bridesmaid Dresses: White Orchid
Groomsmen Suits: Milano For Men
Alterations: Tangled Bobbin

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The king and his queen. Congrats to such a deserving couple. Kendall and Kris <3



omg! love this whole blog; heard about this wedding its making headwaves.
and i can see why. thanks for sharing with us

THESE ARE AMAZING! Janell & Ryan, you outdid yourselves, absolutely love them all <3