This engagement session was so much fun and it was happening come rain, wind or shine. I work best when it’s crunch time. That’s usually when ideas come to me. By the time we all decided we wanted to go the route of the boat for engagements, we didn’t have too many options.  I did remember though that Sherril with Farm House Vintage Rentals had the PERFECT little boat so Alycia and Kevin went and scooped it up!

However, it totally isn’t a water boat ( I didn’t know until it was too late so I don’t recommend this in any way lol)  I was panicking the entire time while they were completely nonchalant and not worried about the fact that every move almost tipped the thing lol. The wind was super cold and we all had to be very diligent to be done quickly! I’m always amazed by how well we shoot with such little time.

So excited for our future shoots and their gorgeous 2018 wedding!