A little country and elegance engagement session in a horse field.

The piano is vintage and was bought and gutted for the sole purpose of an amazing shoot.  Sherrill Young with Farm House Vintage Rentals and I have been day dreaming of a styled shoot with the piece for a good three years before we finally made it a reality! What I love most about this shoot is that none of it was thoroughly planned  except the florals. The idea of putting the piano in with the horses was thought of the night before by my husband and second member of Oak + Pearl Photo. It was transported by tractor which was a lot more convenient than man power and trucks. The dress we planned fell through so I pulled this one out of our styling closet! The couple however… they are a real life, engaged and soon to be married couple and this was not only a project but a pre-shoot before their wedding day!!

Our day was spent watching the weather network until the rain and hail stopped. Then the skies cleared and allowed us to set up and take photos until 11PM at night.  Living in the Prairies of Alberta will do that for you!

That cake? I frantically messaged my cake lady the day of if she had anything as we had just found out it the storm would stop… and she had one already made for us to take! A decadent chocolate strawberry home made cake for the sweet heart table. No need for plates and cutlery on this occasion. Cake, macarons, wine and cheeses was the perfect match for this romantic occasion. The wine and cheese was a last minute decision at the store on the way to set up as well.

As long as you have a good team and a little pre-panning, anything can happen!!

It. Was. Magical.

These two are one of our 2018 couples. We hit the jackpot this year. We love all our couples!!!!